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Best Residential Community Features

Fiesta Communities Subic is packed with awesome goodness from community features to first class recreational & leisure facilities. 

All entrances and exits are fully guarded with well-trained security personnel. Incoming and outgoing cards and visitors are fully logged for security reasons. To enhance security features, concrete perimeters walls with reasonable heights to deter unauthorized entry to the subdivision is in place. 

And to keep every resident safe from flooding during heavy rainfall, an underground storm drainage system was also constructed to ensure that any run-offs are drained from the streets. Inner access roads and streets have full safety markings including reflectorized safety signboards to ensure that everyone is safe. Glad to hear as well that curbs and gutters are fully concreted because this ensures the safety of those who walk. The waterline system of the community is located underground thus the place does not look topsy-turvy. 

Fiesta Communities Subic is being backed by two (2) competent service providers, the ZAMECO for its electrical power supply and the VWSS for the water supply of the entire place. 


  • Children’s Play Stations – dedicated for children to make sure that their weekends are full of fun and happiness. On weekends, parents may opt to bring the kids here than go to malls to save time and resources. Safety wise, this place is much better secured than in other places. 
  • Basketball Courts – this will allow basketball enthusiasts to spend their time and favorite game within the safe bounds of the community. No need to travel somewhere else to play basketball. Most men enjoy basketball after office hours or in the afternoon. This is also a great place for neighbors to be acquainted with each other. 
  • Jogging Paths – with our fully concreted jogging paths, it is much easier and safer for residents to do their morning rituals. With sufficient street lights, older individuals who are used to jogging before daybreak can enjoy their exercises safely. Fast walking exercise may also be done here. 
  • Outdoor Gym – multi-sports events can be done here, say tournaments and sports events requiring a bigger space for more audiences. This, along with the multi-purpose hall, can serve multiple events. 
  • Landscaped open Spaces and Pocket Gardens – Ideal for solitary moments, for family picnics and even just for simple dating. Family weekends can also be spent here. With the trees, healthy ornamental plants and grasses that carpet the soil, our landscaped open spaces and pocket gardens can’t surely be missed by everyone. 
  • Gazebos’ Benches, Picnic Tables, etc. – These are accessories that will help family picnics, group studies outdoor in parks and gardens more meaningful. 
  • Multi-Purpose Hall – Fiesta Communities provided a multi-purpose hall to allow residents to hold their private affairs safely without going somewhere. Birthday parties, wedding and anniversaries, nuptials, among others are best held in private and safe places like our multi-purpose hall. Organizational meetings and other group events may also be held here. Prior arrangements with the management are needed for this. 
  • Outdoor Gym Equipment
  • Bayanihan Hall
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